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The Archive of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia
The Archive of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia is an active participant number of international projects under the collaboration agreements with archives, museums and international organizations.
MIA Archive actively cooperates with “Institute of National Remembrance of Poland”. The Memorandum of cooperation
was signed in 2013.  The subject of this agreement is the cooperation of the parties in the field of archive documentation.
On April 23, 2015 a delegation from MIA Archive of Georgia paid an official visit to Warsaw, Poland. The major goal of
the visit was to hold a meeting of working groups within the frames of Polish-Georgian project “Soviet Repression of Polish
People in Georgia during the Great Terror (1937-1938)”. Publication of this monograph is planned in the end of 2015 in
Poland. The monograph assumed is based  on NKVD Troika protocols. The institute plans to publish Georgian-English
version of the edition in 2016.
MIA Archive cooperates with Hoover Institutions, Stanford University, from 2012. It is in the mutual interests of the
Agreement parties to collect records and to build a knowledge base and to disseminate  information and  ideas in order to
promote the values that they both share.
Agreement parties will cooperate in digitizing records and other resources regarding the history of the Republic of Georgia
in the 20th century. Hoover Institutions provides MIA Archive with new computer and digitizing supplies.
MIA Archive cooperates with United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, which was created to present the history of the
persecution and murder of six million Jews and millions of other victims of Nazi tyranny between 1933 and 1945.
Whereas, the primary mission of the Museum is to advance and disseminate knowledge to the citizens of the United States
of America about the unprecedented tragedy of the Holocaust, to preserve the memory of those who suffered and to
encourage individuals to reflect upon the moral and spiritual raised by the events of the Holocaust.
Whereas, the Archive holds documents dating from before, during and after the Second World War relating to the
Holocaust and its historical context. The Archive shall provide copies of finding aids relevant to the Archival Material to
the Museum representatives. These materials will be exhibited in the Holocaust museum.
MIA Archive also cooperates with Ruhr University of Bochum (Germany) since 2012. The Archive provides to the
representatives of the University access to the archival records and appropriate working conditions.
Within the frame of the project, the agreement parties are working on a joint book “Bolshevik Order in Georgia”.
In 2012, between MIA Archive and literary agency “Janklow& Nesbit Associates” was signed an agreement. According to
this agreement, “Janklow & Nesbit Associates” became plenipotentiary to publish “Keke’s Memories”.
In 2014 between MIA Archive and fund “Caucasus Dialogue” was drawn up  an agreement about the project “Archive Without Borders”, which
meant to find in Archives historical documents about Abkhazians and give them to Abkhaz side.
MIA Archive cooperates with several organizations:
Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI)
Soviet Past Research Laboratory
Cultural Center of Circassin.
MIA Archive actively cooperates with “Georgian Public Broadcaster”.
“Heavy Archive” is a joint project organized by the Archive Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, and documentary film
studio People TV. The cycle of documentary films sheds light on criminal cases preserved in the KGB archives, which were inaccessible for decades.
At present negotiations are underway for the creation of a joint feature documentary film.
MIA Archive cooperates with several educational organizations. Memorandums of cooperation are signed with: Georgian Institute of Public Affairs
and Ilia State University.
The internship of students is the subject of the memorandum, as well as joint research and other educational projects.