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Monument to Stalin on Mtatsminda

On July 27, 1948, the architect Bogdan Kirakosian wrote a letter
to Georgian Communist Party First Secretary Kandid
Charkviani. In this letter the architect proposed to erect a
monument to Stalin on Mtatsminda in Tbilisi. He noted that he
had been working on this idea since 1942. The monument would
be built by the funicular and thus would connect entire city with
“My decision to build this monument in the east side of the park
allows us the possibility to see Stalin’s illumined face in the
mornings, and in the evenings we can gaze at length at his
“This 8-meter high monument erected on the hill in the city will
be the only example of a splendid representation of this great
“To accomplish this, please help me to realize my idea.”
Sketches were attached to the letter.
As an addendum, in 1955 the construction of the TV tower was
begun on Mtatsminda.
The Archive of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia